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An insight into the past and a glimpse into the future. A DEAD Language.

Just a warm up, shout out to all those who helped me make this. I love every one of yall

More Music Very soon (DEAD on a Sunday and a buncha singles!)

Get it on Media Fire For Now

I’ll Drop it on Bandcamp later !

1. Intro (Prod. SKYWLKR)

2. Ambitions [of a Broke Nigga] (Prod. Jon Baylor) Ft. Dre Royale

3. Runnin’ Red Lights (Prod. Keyboard Kid) Ft. Calvin Mercury

4. Eyes Open (Prod. Keyboard Kid) Ft. MC Steve Spiffler

5. Playin’ With Fire (Prod. Keyboard Kid)

6. Opposite of Reality (Prod. Keyboard Kid) Ft. MC Steve Spiffler

7. Born to Lose (Prod. DeadStock Dev) 

8.The Conversation (Prod. Young Natho)

9. Flowin (Prod. SourSoul) Ft. Lyrics, inTeLL & S.I.T.H.

10. Freaky White Girls (Prod. Young Natho) Ft. Codeine Teen

11. ‘Bout Me (Prod. LBF)

12. Story of  a Hustla (Prod. Dre Coogi) 

13. No Swerve (Prod. Q Bundlez) Ft. Jasmine Nichol & Reela

14. 2 Min Murder (Prod. Illusive)

15. Outro (Prod. SKYWLKR)


Young Natho - Coroner (Breakfast of Champs) Music Video [Prod. DeadstockDev]

Video Shot and edited by Jules Ramzy and Young Natho of “Grey Race Films”
http://loverenaissanceproject.com/ for inquiries.

First mini movie/music video from The album “Better off D.E.A.D.” 







Here’s my album/mixtape Better off D.E.A.D. 

Took a LONG time to do, but I had a lot of fun doing it, Here’s my gift to yall

I want to thank everyone who had a part in making this possible I love all of you

the link is to mediafire but it will be up on all the other possible sites by tomorrow

Tracklist for those who can’t read:

1. Better Off D.E.A.D. (Prod. Twarr)

2. Fallin Up (Prod. Jon Baylor)

3. Breakfast of Champs (Coroner) (Prod. DeadstockDev)

4. Wanna Be On  (Prod. KZR)

5. Work (Prod. L7one) Ft. Felix Von Soco

6. SuperHero (Prod. Kenny Lim)

7. Take Her Home (Prod. Royalty)

8. Contact (Prod. Darren Arthur)

9. Temporary High (Prod. Young Natho)

10. My Muse (Prod. Exclusv) 

11. Mr. Right Now (Money) (Prod. Kenny Lim)

12. Tale of a Pimp (Prod. WheelChairCat)

13. The Mask (Prod. DeAndrea)

14. Fallin Down (Prod. Jon Baylor)

15. Outro (Prod. GrayScale)